Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone! and Welcome to DAN JOSEPH MUSIC

The year is 2012, the month is November, and the day is the 28th. let us introduce you to Dan, below are details for contacting us:

Dan Joseph is known locally as a Mentor, providing coaching and masterclasses for developing Talent, seeing others achieve their own Artistic direction and Recording Success is a fulfilling experience for him.
Dan is a Gifted Singer/Songwriter/Composer, Virtuoso Bassist, Guitarist and Producer. He aims to fulfill the expectations of those with a discerning taste for real music. Along the way his Music has been cited as influential by his peers who include The Mystery Jets, Revolver, Marner Brown, Indigo Road, Jamiroquai, Mother Earth, and indeed Cliff Richard.

To book a complimentary lesson please email dan@danjosephmusic.com

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