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At Dan Joseph Music, your lessons are customised to maximise your learning experience. Guitar, Singing, and Bass lessons are personalised at your free assessment. Dan plans lessons to fit your favourite songs, styles, goals, age group, and learning style.

Dan has taught over 1,200 students, and more students enrol each year. Some students have gone on to achieve commercial success, notably as The Mystery Jets.

Book a free assessment lesson in Guitar, Singing, or Bass, and learn a favourite song in one week. Any age, level, style, instrument. Beginners are welcome.

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Let 2021 be the year you become a better singer or player. Dan guides you to progress to your next musical goal, in your free assessment Dan will check your level, give you feedback, and create a tailored plan for you.

Dan teaches 1-2-1 and Group lessons, he is “the most experienced, personable teacher of singing, guitar, and bass in the area.”

Based in Teddington, Richmond, Kingston, Twickenham, Hampton, but also working online worldwide.

To claim your free one to one assessment and lessons at 50% off – Call or Text / WhatsApp 07949 598611 


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Act now this offer ends soon.

Anyone who has ever made it had a mentor. Dan has the expertise, passion, and humour to motivate and guide you.

Lessons can focus on technique, theory, grades and performance in any style Classical, Pop, Rock and Jazz. Dan will coach you at the right pace, and give you fresh new challenges for your playing and singing. 

Dan has played The Roundhouse, Wembley, Theatres and worked with artists including The Mystery Jets, Marner Brown, Indigo Road, Canopy, Natural High, The Co-stars, The Wild Things, Jamiroquai, Mother Earth, Revolver, and Sir Cliff Richard. 

In 2021, it’s the best decision you can make for your journey in music, becoming a proficient musician. Book your Free session below with Dan.

Buy your block of Group lessons starting at £12.00 a lesson.


Gavin E, St Margarets

I have had such fun, have learned so much, and am very grateful for Dan’s input. He a really good voice coach who knows his stuff. I feel like a proper musician!

Matt B, Richmond

Dan is nurturing, positive, enthusiastic, his structured approach means I am motivated and enjoy lessons every week.

Beverly J, Whitton

Dan is an excellent teacher, his lessons keep me on track and practicing hard to improve, I recommend him highly.

Deva A, Teddington

Dan has taught my Daughter Singing for 5 years. I have been delighted with her progress. She now performs in music theatre productions in principle roles. Lessons with Dan have been worth every penny.

Andrew B, Hampton Court

I have been learning jazz bass with Dan and trying to improve my reading. I am really pleased with the progress I’ve made. Dan is extremely knowledgeable and works out very quickly where to focus our efforts. He is friendly and relaxed and the lessons are always enjoyable. Highly recommended.

David M, Sunbury

Dan teaches our 12-year-old Daughter singing. She has learned technique, has gained more confidence, is inspired to practice, and sings all the time now. We highly recommend Dan.

Colette M, Hampton

Singing lessons with Dan since 2016 are so much fun, I kept going and never stopped! We have covered lots of different styles of music, with just the right blend of fun and structured learning to keep things fresh and rewarding. Dan is patient, knowledgable, and loves music as much as I do.

James G, Strawberry Hill

I invited Dan to take me from zero to hero and turn me into a rock legend. The journey could not have been more enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend Dan Joseph’s musical services, where fun and progression go hand-in-hand.

Nick S, Kingston

We signed up our son for Classical Guitar lessons with Dan a bit over a year ago.Our son has loved every lesson so far and progress has rocketed forward (we just finished Grade 3). Dan is always enthusiastic and looking for things that excite and interest his students, for example we recently started learning some video game music. He often focuses on details around technique and makes sure the fundamentals are learnt. Overall we reckon it’s been a great choice.

Kevin S, Teddington

Dan is a charming, knowledgable and patient teacher. His mixture of humour and skill has worked well with me to develop my singing technique and confidence.

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