Matt B, Richmond

Dan teaches me acoustic guitar. He is excellent. He is focused on clear teaching methods but at his core he is all about musicianship and musicality. For me, that has meant me starting from scratch and now being able to perform in public (pubs and the like) and with friends. His structured approach means I am motivated and enjoy the lessons every time. Dan has widened my horizons with his knowledge of different genres of music and how to play in a range of styles. He is very generous with his time and our lessons usually run over. He supports my pub performances in person (and for free) and this reflects his commitment. He sends me electronic files of our practice run-throughs so I can review them in the week and rehearse alongside them, as well as sending other motivating resources. I don’t recognise the comments in an earlier review at all – I guess you can’t please all the people all of the time. I really don’t think it’s fair for them to post an oddly grumpy review based on what looks like fairly limited experience, and nothing said reflects my own experience for this popular teacher. Anyway I’d say 5 stars, no question.

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