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The 7 Guitar Steps to Reach your Music Dreams

The 7 Guitar Steps to Reach your Music Dreams

The 7 Guitar Steps to Reach Your Music Dreams

When diving into the exciting world of guitar playing as a complete beginner, there are seven steps to take to gain essential skills that you’ll want to grasp early on. They set the foundation for your musical path, paving the way for future growth and mastery. Soon you’ll be enjoying playing Guitar if you follow The 7 Guitar Steps to Reach your Music Dreams. From performing Beginner Chords to Writing your own music, it is essential as a guitarist at any level to establish each step along the way to reach your music dreams

The 7 Steps to Playing Guitar

1 Releasing tension

2 Posture

3 Finger-per-fret

4 Picking exercises

5 Beginner guitar chords and scales

6 Learning first riffs

7 Follow a method

1 Releasing tension

Learning to release unnecessary tension in your muscles while maintaining a proper posture sets the stage for effortless playing. Tension is the enemy of the artist, by engaging the correct muscles and disengaging the unnecessary muscles we facilitate optimal performance.  Younger students may not have any tension but require encouragement to hold the instrument, older students can find the need to unwind, a very beneficial activity before playing.

2 Posture

Unwinding, and finding the right posture, whether seated or using a footstool or cushion, is key. The feet are planted either on the ground, alternatively, with one on a footstool, or a guitar cushion for the guitar to sit on, I recommend trying both

To allow the fretting hand, to function, optimally, it is best to have the guitar sitting on the left leg, if right-handed and vice versa, if left-handed.

A guitar strap is essential if playing an electric guitar to allow the guitar body to fall through the legs without hitting the ground

With the guitar in place, the left and right hand wasn’t the left and right hands must approach the instrument without moving the instrument excessively without disturbing the position of the instrument excessively

3 Finger-per-fret

Now we are ready to start playing, practising fretting hand exercises.

We focus on finger-per-fret placement for your left/right-hand fretting. This technique optimizes your finger reach and dexterity, allowing for smoother transitions between chords and notes.

The thumb pad, and the fingertips at this point, must be the only points of contact on the neck and strings. I recommend the guitar fitness book for exercising the fingers.

4 Picking exercises

Picking exercises come into play, honing your ability to strike the strings with precision and control. Utilizing resources like YouTube tutorials and books on picking techniques can greatly enhance your skills in this area. 

I will identify a picking technique that seems natural for you to achieve effortless control and speed. I recommend learning to read rhythms and notation at this point, playing down and upstrokes with a metronome.

5 Beginner guitar chords and scales

Delving into the pentatonic scale and beginner guitar chords opens up a world of musical possibilities. These foundational elements provide the building blocks for creating melodies, improvising, and playing your favourite songs.

As part of the RSL syllabus, the first scale learnt is E minor pentatonic on the thickest strings, E, A and D. String 6, 5, 4. At this point, you will be aware of the string names and parts of the guitar.

6 Learning first riffs

Mastering your first riff adds a touch of excitement and accomplishment to your learning journey. Whether it’s a classic riff from AC/DC or Deep Purple, tackling a recognizable melody boosts confidence and motivates further practice.

Using the E minor pentatonic scale, I will introduce the student’s first riff, either by AC/DC or Deep Purple. Accuracy is preferred to achieve a sound close to the original. In lessons I encourage attention to picking strokes and accurate rhythms, all delivered in a fun way.

7 Follow a method

Finally, I introduce a structured learning method, such as the RSL syllabus. This method guides your progression through graded lessons and songs, providing a clear path to musical proficiency. I will introduce the RSL learning platform and learning methods appropriate for your level, with an option towards the RSL grade syllabus. With a structured approach to learning, guided by an experienced teacher, you’ll be inspired to enjoy playing guitar consistently throughout the week. And there we have it, in a nutshell it is up to you to follow the 7 Guitar Steps to Reach your Music Dreams. It is important to find a tutor who can give you feedback, help you reduce sub optimal habits and form correct ones. I provide my students with the most effective teaching strategies, online lesson resources. You will achieve earth shattering progress tracking each of the 7 steps with my practice app.    

Playing iconic songs

By incorporating these seven essential skills into your guitar learning journey, you can expect to reach the next grade level within several months. Imagine playing iconic songs by artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, Green Day, The White Stripes, Eric Clapton, Nirvana and more.

Learning and improving will be in your grasp. The journey of playing Guitar towards your Music dreams brings you joy.

If you’re looking for a teacher to help you progress playing your favourite songs with beginner guitar chords or jumping into learning more complicated repertoire and fulfilling your music dreams, read on, let’s crack on now and unleash your musical potential!

Become the musician you want to be.

I have a simple and effective method for you to follow. I hold Guitar, Singing and Bass lessons at my studio in Teddington and Online. 

I can help you head towards your next musical triumph. Get started today. 

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With 25 years of professional teaching experience, I coach private students and demystify the techniques of the stars. Learn Electric Guitar, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Songwriting, and Music technology. Lessons include support with live performances and exams. When ready to be heard, my students and clients record their favourites or originals at my studio. 

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional, together we’ll create a plan just for you. From beginner guitar chords to your favourites, reach the next level of technical skill, improvising, or become a professional Guitarist, take advantage today! Don’t miss this chance to reach your musical potential. Let’s begin this fantastic journey together. 🚀

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Beginner Guitar chords to a 95% Distinction result in 6 Months!

This week I have been over the moon following my student’s success. Featured guitarist Blake in the picture, has gone from playing Beginner Guitar chords to a 95% Distinction result in 6 Months!

Only last term, Blake began lessons intending to fulfil his dream as a rock guitarist. At only 8 years of age, he practises five-plus days a week consistently, and his persistence and passion are paying off. He thoroughly deserved every point earned! 

Blake’s Mother has left me a fabulous Review:

“Blake began lessons with Dan six months ago and he has already reached Grade 1 level!

His first guitar didn’t sound like Dan’s, and has achieved distinction in his exam, Blake has been rewarded with a new guitar which he is thrilled with..

..Holding Blake’s attention at a young age with a blend of fresh new riffs each week, Dan is engaging and encourages a high level of technical skill, delivered in a fun manner.

Guitar lessons have become Blake’s favourite day of the week..

..I highly recommend Dan to those thinking of learning Guitar around the Teddington area and online. Blake loves his lessons with Dan. His excellent results and progress in Guitar are a true credit to Dan’s teaching.”

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