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Live Music Returns!

As Summer term gets underway we’re optimistic for a complete return to normal in 2022. For locals in Teddington Live Face to Face Lessons have been back with a vengeance since New Year. Lucky in the Uk thanks to vaccines sad times seem to be behind us. Our concern now has turned to the horrific war in Ukraine.

The last two years was more than tricky for Musicians. The move for teaching music online and zoom fatigue was real. Many however found not travelling convenient whilst juggling home school, college, activities, remote working, family, practice time, and holidays between lockdowns.

Playing Music brought the connection we needed, live streams, online open mics, choirs. Virtual isn’t viewed the way it was, it’s now something we all do. Learning to play is a worthwhile fulfilling pursuit, it has therapeutic benefits and feeds the soul. Practicing gives us grit and determination to achieve. Learning the language of music helps us focus and do well in other academic areas. Although we hope the pandemic may soon be at an end, for many learning online is convenient, essential, reassuring. For some it’s the only choice to engage with high quality lessons online. I offer lessons that challenge, spark the imagination, and inspire progress.

My mission is to guide you in your musical exploration, and bring you the same results as face-to-face. 

As a group I can deliver your lessons more affordably. The majority of my Guitar Singing Bass students are in online groups, and it seems to be the future. I’d be delighted to welcome you, and prepare you for success.

  • Customised lessons to your level and style
  • Progress tracking and support through the week
  • National curriculum and worldwide standards
  • Latest learning techniques and performance psychology 
  • 1000’s have achieved quick results
  • Trinity and RSL grades 

I am warmed to be regarded by students as the most experienced, professional, dependable, singing, bass online teacher in SW London. I have the intuition, skill and curriculum to bring you results, and get you where you’re going rapidly.

With 25 years teaching and formal study, cpd, seminars and clinics, live experience, career stories I have the latest learning resources for you. It’s one thing being a good musician, it’s another being a good teacher.

If that’s all sounding good to you, book your free trial: contact me on 

In your Free Trial online lesson you will receive:

* A learning path to fit you
* A tailored course to fulfil for your requirements
* Recordings, lesson materials, and other resources sent for you to practice
* Feedback on all aspects of your playing/performance

Face-to-face: Measures are in place.

A clear studio space to maximise distance, deep cleaning, perspex screen, HEPA air purifier, sneeze guard, masks, hand sanitiser, daily PCR.

To book your Free trial lesson: email or call 07949 598611

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