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If you prefer 1-2-1 or Group lessons, anywhere on the planet, or Face-to-Face, Dan Joseph Music is the best decision for your journey in music. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, or performing musician, Dan determines a structured challenging course for your playing.

Thousands have chosen to study with Dan and experienced the satisfaction of learning correctly, and swiftly improving their playing.
Your lessons are tailored to your learning style, pace, preferences, Dan won’t stop cheering you on until you achieve your own individual music goals.

With 25 years teaching experience, students are delighted with Dan and
the value, saved time and results his lessons offer, and all for a small investment.
The Summer Sale Ends Soon, Book Guitar lessons from only £9.00 and receive a second lesson FREE! That's 50% Off

Enjoy learning your favourites from Pop, Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Soul, Dance, and Musicals.
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Dan Joseph Music is a celebrity endorsed online music college providing high quality tuition, affordable and available to anyone on the planet.

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