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How to find the best online guitar lessons for me?


How to find the best online guitar lessons for me?

So, you’re looking for the best online Guitar lessons? It’s important to prompt google or your AI platform with your location and if wanting in person or online lessons.  I recommend trying the flowing search terms and reading on how to make the most informed decision. There’s no time to waste with the wrong person. It is essential you find a teacher who enjoys the same music as you, and is qualified to help you on your musical journey. 

Here are the prompts Have you ever tried the following searches

‘How to find the best online Guitar lessons for me specialising in my ( enter style ) ?’

It could be as simple as searching ‘Jazz guitar lessons near me’? 

Or ‘Pop Jazz Acoustic Rock Guitar teacher?’

The results can overwhelm you as there as so many to choose from.

In this article I aim to help you decide which Guitar teacher is best for you.

Learning by yourself online is fraught with danger. Often called ‘YouTube Roulette’ YouTube can be a good resource for learning specific tasks but does not offer a solid foundation for your playing and a methodical program to follow. Video offers absolute zero personal feedback. Only a teacher can see how you personally interact with the instrument. A teacher will give you confidence in your ability, and personalise bite size lessons to practice. The energy and intuition of a good teacher will save you years wasted by self-directed study.

A professional teacher identifies your strengths and weaknesses and forms a plan for you to progress. Rather than enduring a confused path to your goals, a teacher will help you pick a direct route, avoid pitfalls, build a solid foundation. Soon you’re able to teach your self, booking lessons with your mentor when you need it, preparing you for exams and auditions as and when.

First Impressions.

Be careful not to base your decision on the teacher’s playing ability. Many great players lack a natural flair for teaching. Teaching is about inspiring and meeting the needs of the student, nurturing rather than showing off, however a beginner is easily dazzled by brilliance. Ambitious Musicians strive to emulate successful artists and reach a professional level. It is easy for the would be teacher to forget how they got there, and break everything down for the student. Empathy, planning and patience are essential attributes, without these a teacher may bring an unhelpful mindset to a lesson. The intention of an inexperienced teacher will be to blow the student away with dazzling techniques. The exact opposite of what you need!

Instead, find a guitar teacher who can break down your goal, personalises an easy to follow method, and writes arranges level appropriate resources for you. Choose one with whom you’d want to spend time taking achievable steps towards your goal.

Why I’m qualified to advise you on how to find the best online guitar teacher.

I attended London College of Music, and ICMP from 1995. Where I studied with respected session musicians turned educators, Rob Burns, Sean Baxter, Iain Scott, Terry Gregory, and Eddie Harvey. My contemporaries play with the worlds top names and lead the Uk’s most reputable Music Colleges. I have been teaching for 25 years, guiding over 80 students weekly to progress in Guitar, Bass and Singing.

I am consistent in upgrading my Educational skills attending professional teaching courses and session clinics. I have enjoyed a long career in music pedagogy, curriculum writing, and college  management. After 25 years teaching and professional playing, my lessons are highly regarded as being the best decision in your musical journey. I provide lessons locally and online internationally. If you are looking for effective online guitar lessons, I will propose a good way to go about making the right decision.

By reading to the end, you’ll feel better informed in choosing a teacher who’s the right fit for you. They will possess a variety of methods to suit your learning style, caring about your progress and enjoyment in performing music.

Establish the right musical path for you.

“What are the best questions to ask a Guitar Teacher?”

I will help you discover which boxes to check. You will be prepared to ask the right questions for you to find the best online  guitar teacher for you. And not be hoodwinked by the teacher, boasting about playing abilities or teaching experience.

In asking all the right questions, you will know if he or she is qualified to address all your learning requirements. In reading to the end you will know everything there is to know, and have the confidence to make an informed decision.

What to Look For In a Guitar Teacher?

In searching for a guitar teacher is important to focus on their passion and aptitude for teaching rather than their playing ability. The teacher needs have learning resources and systems in place, as well technical ability to demonstrate your preferred music. All delivered in a way that is easy to comprehend and digest. That said, the teacher must inspire you with their playing, the odd flash lick being the icing on the cake.

This article goes into great detail, please scan each bold sub-heading if you are strapped for time.

How do I find a guitar teacher who loves the same style of music I do?

Your guitar teacher must have enthusiasm for your preferred style of music

The teacher is proficient in a range of skills particular to the style you are looking learn.  Resources immediately to hand that meet the concepts, and drills required for your level in your chosen style. Each lessons will have a clear objective, focus for your learning.

You click, your music tastes are similar.

Turn the tables, if you pick up on the vibe he or she holds your best interests as a priority, you are most likely in safe hands.

Does the teacher have similar experience, tastes and personality? If you hit it off, and genuinely like the first impression that has been made, If they know the music you want to learn inside out, and customise their method to your learning style, have a trial and look forward to a rewarding journey.

Find me a good value online guitar teacher.

It is essential to study with an individual professional teacher who is priced at a fair market rate. A good teacher’s reputation is upheld by their ability to deliver lessons that produce results for the student. 

Just as it is difficult to progress with a mobile app, it is a waste of time and money to invest in a generic online course that offers no personalised feedback.

There are self proclaimed gurus offering tons of motivation, but little substance. 

They have high budgets for marketing, to promote their high ticket courses. These are primarily bought by unfortunate students hoping to learn all that is promised. The only one in the transaction to truly benefit is the guru. 

Favour quality of lesson content over a generic course that offers no feedback.

Please read on to discover the right questions to ask. If you discover a guitar teacher that meets most of my criteria, you will have a decent learning experience. 

Find me a guitar tutor who can teach me my favourite songs.

When managing teachers, I observe the lessons when they are trialling with me. I sit in lessons regularly to ensure the quality of their teaching is as expected. One newcomer, Carl began teaching his first trial session. 

I remember that he did not connect to the student’s music tastes, or goals. The student had an acoustic guitar and liked Americana. 

Carl was a metal fan. He prescribed exercises that did not address the student’s requirements. I quickly made suggestions to get the lesson on track. Carl’s approach became measured and relevant, he aligned with the acoustic guitar’s requirements. It is not about flexing Iron Maiden riffs, but instead delivering an effective customised lesson.

I appreciate the range of guitar talent out there from a scorching Polyphia, Aristocrats riffs; Nile Rodgers, Vulpek grooves, and John Mayer, Tommy Emmanuel picking.

Carl’s free trial lesson changed tack, focusing on a Neil Young Song the student particularly liked. A break down of relevant techniques for the song followed, the student could now see a clear path towards mastering the song. Music is subjective and impacts every person differently. 

A teacher must never impose their own favourites based on their expertise alone. A student will very rarely look to become a teacher’s clone. Find a genuine teacher who enjoys and is as inspired by the same artists as you are.

Who is the most qualified guitar teacher near me?

Teaching qualifications aren’t essential however they hold a lot of weight.

They provide the teacher clarity on the process of learning, styles and characteristics of the learner, lesson administration, scheduling and management. Academic qualifications promote an open mind, a range of music performance styles, and work experience. As a student you deserve a teacher who organises your learning path, tracks your progress, so you arrive at each milestone within a realistic time frame.

Many years of teaching experience will make a better teacher than a new graduate.

Enthusiasm alone can lead to lessons lacking direction and focus. The student’s initial burst of enthusiasm will be long lasting when anticipating the next clearly defined lesson.

Playing experience does not add up to being a well rounded teaching professional. Your ideal teacher will have good rapport, professional conduct, a written curriculum, organisational skills, accounting and scheduling system.

An academic background prepares the teacher with a range of skills that will benefit the student. 

Pick the most direct route to your musical goals.

How do I know the guitar teacher is for real?

During the recent pandemic and economic climate, a large number of professional guitarists understandably tried their hand at teaching guitar. 

Be very mindful to employ an experienced music teacher, and not only a musician who may be self taught. 

An incredible virtuoso may not have the personality, patience or teaching experience to be an amazing guitar teacher. Check if they have a web presence and read google reviews for their business.

It’s important to find a genuine and reliable teacher, with experience managing and delivering enjoyable achievable lessons. Avoid saving money on an opportunist who’ll disappear when their teaching skills fail to cut the mustard.

Which online guitar teacher specialises in my favourite style?

When starting out it’s difficult to know precisely the kind of lessons you’ll be looking for. 

You may choose music to learn by an artist whose skills are some way off from yours, it takes a compassionate teacher to make a realistic assessment and manage your expectations to avoid you much frustration. 

Many tutors will claim to be able to guide you through the basics. 

Ask what age group and level they have taught, their favourite teaching books, which other resources they draw from.

If you know precisely the level and style you are looking for in your age range, then ask for evidence of their experience. Avoid choosing an alleged guru known for playing your favourite style. An experienced tutor will have a track record, employment experience, and the vision to prioritise the most important skills and practice habits for you.

Find me a guitar teacher who has experience teaching different styles.

Once you have tried your hand at your preferred style, it is useful to consider a related style, or fill in the gaps you may be missing. An open mind and broad range of listening and playing will inspire you to delve deeper.

Traditional music courses embrace all forms of classical and popular music.

Your choice of guitar music may be electric blues, rock, acoustic blues, acoustic folk, jazz, funk or classical, or a myriad of crossover styles.

Well-trained music teachers will have a solid grasp of the basics of each style, and their experience will be of value. He or she would be honest from the outset and not profess to know everything about every style. The musical landscape is vast, it is rare for any musician to master more than a handful of styles. Finding out if the teacher’s strengths match your musical tastes is a must. 

Who gives the best online guitar lessons in the uk?

Online lessons can be as engaging as in-person lessons if professional systems are in place. There are many tools to ensure effective online learning. The teacher’s internet connection would be glitch free. Lesson sheets, video, audio, memorisation games and activities can be included. Multiple webcams show close ups of technical details, along with of course clear high quality audio. Zoom does this very effectively. I personally have enjoyed teaching online during this new era.

  • A combined google drive, portal and practice app, are a brilliant replacement for paper resources. Everything ought to be automated. There’s no need for the student to leave the house. Email correspondence and in-between lessons feedback are very convenient.
  • A good online teacher will transmit much energy during the lesson. A fun human interaction engages the student just as an in-person lesson.
  • It’s easy in this age of AI, for a teacher to script how their methods and skills will benefit the student. Whereas real experience brings the intuition required to make a difference in the student’s musical life.
  • It can be difficult to know exactly which teacher to choose until you have had a trial run. Be aware of those of who exaggerate their experience. Instead look for an effort to establish a genuine connection and desire to help you become the best musician you can be.
  • Read on for more ideas to consider before approaching a prospective teacher. To help verify the claims made by the teacher, if the things to avoid checklist is full, you are almost certain that it is best to look elsewhere.

Google Reviews.

Google reviews are essential for validating the tutor’s reputation online. Google reviews hold more weight than testimonials on their website, testimonials might be written by the website owner.

The majority of reviews ought to be five stars. 

Click to view my Google reviews.

Transparent about fees.

You get what you pay for in most interactions. A teacher demanding a low fee reflects their low belief in their ability. If the teacher is less than transparent about fees at first, you could fall for  paying more than you were expecting. Money is no joking matter, and I have always personally established and maintained trust with my clients. Others may resort to exaggeration to persuade you to take on lessons with them. Beware of those who argue their approach is the only choice, for your requirements and budget.

When you are ready to take the plunge, try out your chosen teacher over a short period to see if you are getting results and value for money.

Red flags that your guitar teacher isn’t the best you can find, when to look elsewhere.

If you have practised the homework set and are not experiencing any improvement, it is not your fault. It falls upon the teacher to ensure that the work set is appropriate for the phrases you are learning. Exercises must never be random, but relevant for the song or piece, and suitable for your technical ability.

Find me a teacher who is a really good player.

Although it is not the first priority to be a dazzling virtuoso, it is important that the guitar teacher is playing at a decent level. Any sloppy technique, clumsy rhythms or excessive duff notes are a sign that the tutor is ill prepared or untrained. You are better off finding someone else.

Lesson plans are essential for your learning

Does it seem that when you’re into a lesson the teacher suddenly has a brainwave, something occurs to them they hadn’t planned. Unless the new thing is directed by the student, this is a sure sign that the lesson has not been planned sufficiently, and they may in fact be ‘winging it’.

If they don’t have a clear path in mind for you, they will not have planned the objectives for your next lesson.

The Teacher is organised, follows up on homework, and tests regularly

It is necessary during each lesson to follow up what has been learnt in previous lessons. If the instructor does not do this, then he or she has no way of discerning the effectiveness of lessons and your own practice. Continuity of work on the students part can only be gauged with regular testing.. If the teacher does not know what you have been working on, they have not been taking sufficient notes and should value the student far more.

Information not revised and applied regularly can be forgotten. Working memory varies but averages at 6 weeks. Keeping fundamentals fresh and in mind with regular testing, is an important inclusion.

Who is the most professional guitar teacher locally to me?

Punctuality is a sign of respect and shows that teacher values your time.

If the teacher has prepared the lesson, the lesson should be underway within a few minutes of the lesson starting.

Some weeks you might find the teacher has an off lesson and this must never be excused regularly. If the teacher hasn’t fully planned a relevant lesson for your needs, the teacher is wasting your time and money.

It’s important for you to get on well, and let’s enjoy the lesson. The guitar teacher seems disinterested or miserable, that will have a negative impact on your learning. It’s important to value your time, look elsewhere for a teacher with a positive attitude and passion for the subject.

Find me an exciting guitar teacher.

When lessons are predictable, only following one book, lacking variety or personalising your lesson, the chances are that the teacher is blagging his or her abilities. I remember one guitar teacher sticking solely to the guitarists way and not encouraging favourite songs or graded pieces. An experienced teacher will keep you engaged with occasionally strumming your favourite songs, but refer to a well balanced curriculum.

Your progress depends on the practice time you spend, and realisations you have along the way. Motivation for your practice, scheduling time, specific tasks to focus on, and logging practice must be encouraged by the teacher.

The teacher’s job is to teach you how to practice, and build muscle memory, it is the hands that play, not the mind.

Which local guitar teacher will help me reach my goals?

Goals are everything, whether small tasks along the way, or bigger milestones.

The teacher must align with the student’s purpose for learning music.

In the first assessment the teacher will ask you what your goals are, your music background, your current ability, and gauge what level you are at. Expect the teacher to give you an assessment of your potential, and a roadmap towards your target.

Perhaps the student is a hobbyist and wants to play their favourite music at beginner or intermediate level. Or a hungry young musician wanting to grace the big stage with top names. Or perform their own music. Each is a very different path, and relevant work will be set by the teacher. 

Do you want to take grades, play in a band, become an accomplished acoustic fingerstyle player, or an earth shattering lead guitarist. The choices you make as a musician dictate what your teacher prepares for you each week.

A syllabus and curriculum is referred to in tailoring your work. Lessons must follow a methodical progression toward you achieving the desired goal.

How can I find a guitar teacher who loves the same guitar heroes I do?

If you’re looking for a specific style or band, it can take time to locate the most qualified guitar teacher for your needs. I’m a fan of many guitar heroes such as John Martyn, Tommy Emmanuel, James Taylor, Gary Moore, Slash, Johnny Marr, Nile Rodgers, and Pat Metheny, Dave Gilmour, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Angus Young, and Kirk Hammett. Having taught this range of styles I am certain you will find teacher to cover a narrow or broad repertoire.

If you’re looking for  niche expert of only one style, band, artist, although you may be limiting your capabilities, at least you will know when you have found that one person. The guitar teacher will know everything there is to know about the guitarist, and be able to rattle off every recognisable riff and solo sequence on demand.

If the teacher has a really good grasp of the band, or style. He or she will be able to suggest concepts and techniques required for progressively challenging songs to make you the guitarist you desire to be.

Ask the teacher which songs to work on first, and what songs will follow, and why.

Ask the teacher what they do to develop their own teaching skills. As it’s more important to have a good teacher and then I dazzling virtuoso teaching you.

A teacher who consistently upgrades their skills will study the science of teaching. The teacher will have a clear idea of how the concentration, memory, retention, recall and overload impact the learning process.

One question you can ask your teachers whether they are able to teach anyone anything or are there some limitations or music they are less experienced with than others.

It’s important that the teacher is honest about their limitations. For instance I teach the range of styles at beginner to intermediate level , And also theory and composition, however I am not a shred merchant and so I am able to take most guitars up to a level where they can then approach someone with more experience in that style.

To conclude, when finding the best online guitar teacher for you:

  • It is important to have a trial lesson or a short run of lessons before committing to more. 
  • The teacher has a good knowledge of the exact music you want to learn, 
  • The tutor is technically proficient, able to play your chosen music, and has experience performing it already
  • Teaching ability is obvious from the first lesson, they have studied established teaching methods and books, not just learnt music and playing experience.
  • The teacher is punctual, organised, professional, and delivers a positive learning experience for you
  • If online, the technology runs smoothly, the audio and video are glitch-free, and you can see close-ups of guitar techniques.
  • Don’t pick a guitar teacher just because they’re a great player.
  • Choose a teacher who plans your lessons, sets you practice homework with clear objectives.
  • The teacher is passionate about teaching you music, inspires you to learn, practice, and tests your progress each week
  • The teacher has genuine positive testimonials on Google from past students, not just on their own website.
  • The lessons are affordable to you, effective and you truly believe that over time you can, with their help, achieve your goals.

Contact Dan to help you reach your next musical milestone.



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